Available Jobs

The Summit starts recruiting for seasonal positions in September each year. As we get closer to fall, more and more jobs get posted to our listings page. Click the link below to see all our currently available positions.

View Jobs & Apply Online

Apply Online

To apply for a particular job opening, click the link above then choose 'Summit at Snoqualmie' as the resort in the search tool. Once you've found the position you're interested in, click the job title and read the job description carefully, then click 'apply for this job online' to start the application process. If you're not sure what position is best for you, please submit your resume for general consideration via the link above. Interested in a specific job that isn't yet available? You can setup email alerts to notify you when new jobs become available.

Proof of Eligibility to Work - Required For All Employees

I-9 documention is required for all employees.

We need to see original documents from all employees - even return hires. The most common documents for proving eligibility are:

  • U.S Passport

OR a combination of:

  • Photo ID card (military, drivers license, state or school ID)
  • Social Security Card or certified birth certificate

Click here to see more acceptable documents.

You must submit valid document(s) in person before you can start work.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are several volunteer opportunities at The Summit. You can apply to become an Ambassador, a volunteer ski patroller, or assist programs like Outdoors For All.

Contact Human Resources

(425) 434-7669 ext. 6300 or hr2@summiti90.com


Summit Employee Perks & Benefits

  • Free Season Pass

  • Discounted Food

  • Ski Exchange

  • Retail Discount

  • Discounted Rentals

  • Referral Rewards



Transportation is not provided by The Summit at Snoqualmie, however, we do have an inter-area shuttle system for travel between base areas and some key additional shuttle stops.

We like to remind all employees that working at The Summit means Winter Travel:

  • Winterize your car - Make sure your vehicle is equipped for winter driving conditions.
  • Carpool - The best way to save on fuel and vehicle costs, plus a great way to meet new friends!
  • Check the I-90 report - Always check the pass report before you leave.

Contact Human Resources

(425) 434-7669 ext. 6300 or hr2@summiti90.com


Summit Employees Represent:

  • Teamwork
    • The Summit is one big team, whether it's setting up in the morning or closing down at night, we rely on every player to get the job done right.
  • Friendliness
    • It's all about our guests, we believe in creating an exceptional experience and that starts with a friendly staff.
  • Consistency
    • The Summit has standards, staying consistent across our base areas and staff helps our guests when they are in need.
  • Compassion
    • Making our guests happy matters, that's why we take care to do our jobs right every time.
  • Sustainability
    • We make it a priority to protect our mountain environment now and into the future.
  • Availability
    • The Summit is a large yet flexible operation, in order to meet our guests needs we offer daytime and nighttime shifts across many of our base areas.


Training is provided and required for all positions. Training sessions are paid and are organized by Human Resources and your department's manager.

The Bottom Line

In the end, it's all about working hard to play hard! We all love the mountains for one reason or another, working at The Summit is part of that passion.

Contact Human Resources

(425) 434-7669 ext. 6300 or hr2@summiti90.com


Summit Employee Expectations

Outdoor Crew Uniforms

We provide:

  • Fleece layer, outerwear jacket and pants, returned at end of season.
  • Cozy hat that you get to keep.
  • Nametag to be worn at all times while working.

You provide:

  • Appropriate footwear, we recommend waterproof and insulated with good traction.
  • Gloves, we recommend waterproof and insulated.
  • Base layers, undershirts and pants, socks, liners, etc.

Indoor Crew Uniforms

We provide:

  • Summit Crew t-shirts.
  • Hat, beanie or baseball depending on department.
  • Nametag to be worn at all times while working.

You provide:

  • Neat, tidy & well maintained pants
  • Footwear appropriate for tasks you are hired to perfom.
  • Base layers as needed for your position and comfort level.
  • Friendly Smile!

Summit Personality

The most important part of your uniform is your charisma! While we expect all employees to be dressed to summit standards, your friendly smile, body language and attitude really are what make the difference at the mountain.  Take pride in representing The Summit and not only will our guests see and feel the difference, but your boss will too!

Personal Appearance

We appreciate individuality, but we require that tattoos be covered, certain piercings are not acceptable (see handbook), smoking in uniform is not allowed, and if you're working a uniform is required.

Employee Handbook

The Summit at Snoqualmie employee handbook covers rules and guidelines for all employees, including the topics mentioned above. Printed employee handbooks are given to staff at orientation in the fall. If you need to view the handbook in digital format, download the PDF.

Contact Human Resources

(425) 434-7669 ext. 6300 or hr2@summiti90.com