Corporate Ticket Discounts

Up to 25% off our regular rates!

Here at the Summit of Snoqualmie, we offer a very simple yet successful Corporate Bulk Ticket Program that recognizes the importance of leisure time, recreational activities and the role recreation plays in the happiness and productivity of your employees. This program provides your company and employees discounted lift tickets and lesson packages, at no upfront cost and no risk.

Many companies participate in this program and each utilizes the Corporate Ticket Program in a different way. It can be used to…

  • Augment  their employee benefit package.
  • Reward a job well done.
  • Offer discounted tickets in the company store.

Regardless of how they are distributed, all customers agree that the program is an excellent way to give something back to the people who make their company great! Plus, healthy leisure activities create happier employees and a better workplace.

Based on Consignment

This means that you order tickets at the beginning of the season and pay only for tickets used during that season. Then simply return any unused tickets at the end of the season with no additional obligation. Our Corporate Ticket Program offers a flexible option for those who wish to pre-purchase bulk quantities of lift tickets good anytime throughout the season.

We offer:

  • Adult Tickets
  • Youth Tickets
  • Beginner lesson package (includes rentals)

Discounts are up to 25% off the regular ticket rate.

For more information or to sign your company up for this program please contact our Group Sales Office at 425-434-6711 or email Noelle Blazevich.