Ski & Bag Check

Ski and Snowboard checks can be found at Alpental, Summit West, and Summit Central. We offer monitored storage for skis, snowboards, and bags while you are in the lodge or if you have brought extra gear to the mountain for the day. Ski check is for temporary use and is not an overnight storage.

Ski Check Pass

Unlimited in & out check privileges at Summit West, Summit Central and Alpental during normal operating hours for the entire season.

  • $20 for Summit Passholders (price thru Sep. 15)

When you purchase a Summit Pass (Buy Online Now), you will have the option to add on ski and bag check; simply put a check mark in the box. When your receive your chosen Summit Season Pass in the mail it will already have a ski & bag check icon on it and all you need to do is show it to the attendant.

If you have already purchased your Summit Season Pass and wish to purchase a Ski Check Season Pass, no problem, just call (425) 434-7669.

Daily Ski Check

  • $5 - All day (unlimited in & out) for your snowboard or skis
  • $3 - One time for your snowboard, skis, or bag
  • $5 - All day (unlimited in & out) for you backpack, lunch, etc
  • $7 - All day (unlimited in & out) for your skis or snowboard AND your bag, lunch, etc

PLEASE NOTE: When you drop off your belongings, our attendant will issue you a claim check (similar to a coat or bag check at a restaurant). When retrieving your belongings at the end of your visit, simply present your claim check and our attendant will hand you your gear. There is a $5 fee for all lost claim checks.