Corey Nugent

On any given day, you can find Corey deep in the Alpental bc, most likely flying through the air.

Austen Sweetin

Snoqualmie’s own, Austen has become a snowboarding powerhouse. When he’s not getting covers or the ender part in movies, you can find him making the Alpental backcountry look like child’s play.

Phil Hansen

Phil is the definition of an all terrain killer. Both powerful and graceful, Spicy P is a fun one to watch on a board

Jamie Baril

Jamie has grown up riding at The Summit, and it shows. From Central Park to Piss Pass, Jamie sends it more than most have ever sent it around these parts.

Jay Hergert

Jay has the spirit and style you don't see often in snowboarding anymore. Whether he's being heli-dropped for a week of alpine split-boarding, or ripping the far reaches of alpental, Jay just looks good on a snowboard